Life at i Level Kids School!!

– it’s a home away from home

Early childhood development plays a vital role in preparing your child for tomorrow.
‘i Level Kids’ is sculptured to suit 2-6 year olds with child centric curriculum designed to ensure steady holistic development.
The green grass, lovely ducks, play pool, the huge sand dunes, wonderful play tent make every child cling upon, as they enter our beautiful world. The mid-morning snacks are something which eliminates the worry of skipping most nutritious diet of everyday.
Our activities strive to stand out from rest all, as we indulge learning while doing. ‘Fire free cooking’, ‘healthy dances’, ‘science experiments’ are few among many that fill fun-filled entertainment and knowledge, accounting for overall skill development.
Scientifically designed experiments, activities, games and toys, as per the curriculum makes learning fun and engaging.
All the preschool activities are focused on bringing out the best in your child, and in turn making i Level Kids the best play school for kids in Hyderabad!

Our Teachers

Our trained faculty skillfully sows seeds of various skills and nurtures the children towards active learning. Children impart knowledge of experience learning every day. Children develop confidence, creativity and respect for their elders and peers. This aids tremendously on a child’s personality development. Our teachers’ effort round the clock to make the child inquisitive and keep them focused in class by making a topic interesting from time to time.
Our research team coordinators train the teachers on the child psychology, strategies of child development, dealing with different types of children, bringing out clarity in the day to day activities. We define a clear path for our faculty in their day to day roles. It creates a pressure free environment for them to work.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum designed is based on inspirations and experiences of educationalists with leading methodologies. The child-centric and holistic approach brings up the essential motivation, morale, positive spirit, boosting up their self esteem. These form the essential traits for effective learning and walk to be a responsible human. An interactive environment advocating the research methodology to have a social interaction for vital development of a child, posses group activities, paired up plays, teaming up tasks and sharing. Children learn doing fun and play. These experiences stand out to be the most meaningful to them.
While the landmark leap from the teacher-led to the child-centric curriculum, cherish unique learning style, our proven methodology helps them unfold their own creative and aesthetic potential.