Music Programs

It helps them improving Concentration, Reciprocation, Voice recognition, Modulation and many more skills involved with Vocal and Auditory functions.

Dance Class

It a part of structured activity being done in a free style. Children become physically and metabolically active. It teaches them coordination with surroundings and other sense organs. The fun part is it being done together.

Art Classes

It brings out the freedom of sprit. Identifying colours, knowledge of surroundings, way of expression and so on. Drawing, colouring, finger painting, using glue, scissors etc helps develop fine motor skills in pre-schoolers. Endless list of skill set can be unearthed through art.

Swing and Gym

Riding swings and playing on jungle gym helps children gain strength, coordination and dexterity. These help in developing body balance.

Musical Chairs

The fun game improvising child’s listening skills and discern between sound and silence. It also teaches them self-regulation, preparedness and improves reflexes.

Popsicle/Straw String Games

Another activity that improves hand-eye coordination of children. Children hold strings between their thumbs and fingers and make simple things and animals etc. using popsicle sticks, straws and strings.

Hide & Seek

An instruction oriented game to finish a task. Specific instructions are given a loud by the teacher, which should be heard and followed to find a hidden object. “Move three steps to left” or “look next to the red ball” are few such instructions, which reinforce verbal instructions and listening skills. It also teaches the child about positional words, spatial words, colours, shapes etc.

Puppet Show

It is an excellent way of delivering fine motor skills, language and communication skills. Kids can make hand puppets out of socks and put a show with other kids. It helps in building vocabulary in older children.