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Welcome to i Level Kids

i level kids, padmarao nagar, welcomes you! We make the first experience of your child away from you a happy and memorable one. To ensure a smooth transition from home to school, we ensure to indulge the children in activities to make them involved with playgroup and learn things underlined. Our programs are crafted to initiate the thought process leading to skill development in young children according to their age groups. The age-based grouping is backed by the psychological research-oriented process to explore the abilities of every child.

Research emphasizes the psychological development of children is stimulated by social reality. Hence, I level kids are made socialized forming peer groups and involved in team activities. The value-based education, mold the children to take up the real-time challenges making them learn through experiences. This prudent combination of academic supremacy and extracurricular activities, make the child ready for this contemporary cosmos. Children are brain wired to learn through play. Several studies show that children who learn through examination, inspection, investigation, questioning, and play, go on to succeed not only academically, but also in all parts of life. Our approach and methods are based on the latest research in education and pedagogy, and they are rigorously tested suitable for the preschool world.

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Nursery – Playbee – 2.5 Years

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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum includes skill based learning outcomes. We emphasize on imparting skills as part of curricular activities.

Music Programs

It helps them improving Concentration, Reciprocation, .... Read More

Dance Class

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Art Classes

It brings out the freedom of sprit. Identifying colors.... Read More

Swing and Gym

Riding swings and playing on jungle gym helps children.... Read More

Musical Chairs

The fun game improvising child’s listening skills and .... Read More

Popsicle/Straw String Games

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Why iLevel Kids?

Extra Curricular Activities!


Let Your Children Explore The Sunshine, While They Learn. Kids’ Games, Group Activities & Nutritious Meal During Camp. Safe And Joyful!


The Spirit Of Healthy Competition Discovered Via Contests, Sports, Inspiring & Exciting Activities. All Under One Roof.


We Host Pool Parties For Students, Where There Is Exact Music & Fun They Need.

& Green

With Growing Minds Comes Growth Of Surrounding Environment. Children Are Motivated To Participate In Gardening Activities. We Also Have A Greenhouse.


Your Child Will Be Part Of Creative Learning As Part Of Games For Overall Development.


We Organize Timely Family And Social Interact, Where Parents/ Grand-Parents/ Relative Are Invited To School And Have Joyful Interaction.

Best out
of Waste

Use up the resources in most productive way! We teach students of how to recycle waste in a non-hazardous manner.

Yoga &

Become Flexible Beings, Happy And Healthy Today. Students Are Taught Relaxing Yoga And Aerobics That Keep Them Fit Mentally And Physically.

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